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Android Apk ¤ Files ¤Pocket Planets v1.0.2

Written By Richard L Granger on Monday, September 3, 2012 | 11:59 AM

¤¤ ¤¤ Pocket Planets largest 3D Solar Stem Simulator Google Play Store. ¤¤ sed representation of Sun, Planets, Moons, Asteroids, Dwarfs detailed inmation celestial objects. ¤¤ Regardless if are a beginner advanced astronomer, t s closer planets than any telescope. ¤¤ Discover ... ¤¤ Sun, bright shin star center of our Solar Stem ¤¤ Mercury, fastest planet orbit around our Sun ¤¤ Venus, its greenhouse effect produces a surface temperature would even lead melng ¤¤ Earth, blue oasis place filled life ¤¤ Mars, inspiration many SciFi films books ¤¤ Jupiter, giant, guardian protector our neighborhood ¤¤ Saturn, rs of unique beay elegance ¤¤ Uranus, which rolls over its orbit a bowl ball ¤¤ Neptune, ermost recognized planet ¤¤ Plo, of a category of dwarf planets ¤¤ B se are not objects of t simulator, because far not know Orcus, Varuna, Ceres, Pallas, Haumea asteroids dwarf planets. Not menon Sedna whose orbit still speculative science. ¤¤ Nearly 200 objects are included t simulator, b not static images, rar liv objects a liv universe. Enjoy Solar Stem realme, fure past. ¤¤ cosmos life an innovative timeslider. Let take its course, how fast depends se factor of timeslider. A wipe fer simulator comes life. ¤¤ a more exit view experience various camera modes are available. Attach camera a planet place it at a fixed location space let celestial bodies pass by, portrait landscape mode, whatever prefer. ¤¤ 's still not . A built encyclopedia gives useful inmation ab each object of simulation, extracted from Wikipedia. ¤¤ are wait , don't miss t view experience, re no easier way explore wonderful world beyond our planet. ¤¤ if ever feel "Lost Space", don't worry, because its just a simulation. ¤¤ Features: ¤¤ Nearly 200 simulation objects ¤¤ Simulation of real celestial body distances dimensions ¤¤ Adjustable simulator an innovative timeslider ¤¤ Flexible camera stem a unique view experience ¤¤ Portrait landscape mode ¤¤ Many HD tures, some of original records (NASA Voyager, Cassini spacecraft) ¤¤ Many preference options ¤¤ Ephemeris data based NASA Horizons stem ¤¤ Orbit culations modified Kepler algorithms ¤¤ Encyclopedia function, most important inmation from Wikipedia ¤¤ 's t version : (Updated : Sep 16, 2012) ¤¤ smooth UI modeEarth now clouds ¤¤ Now function set simulator stem ¤¤ 's dialog ¤¤ Zoom limits ¤¤ Additional option menus ¤¤ Required Android O/S : 2.2+ ¤¤ ¤¤

https://play.google.com/store/s/d...pocket.planets ¤¤ http://www.directmirror.com/files/1ORQOFPM

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